3 Tips for Applying Makeup Like A Pro

Are you tired of taking forever to apply your makeup because you have to continuously correct errors to get the look you want? If the struggle is real for you, your local beauty cosmetic practice pasadena ca professionals have some tips to make the process of getting ready less of a hassle. You can have a flawless look in no time with these 3 expert tricks.

Use Powder as Necessary

Many people believe that finishing powder is required on the entire face, but it should only be used in areas that need it. These are usually areas with excess oiliness, such as the forehead, underneath the eyes, the t-zone, and the area around the nose. This keeps you from being excessively shiny and gives your skin a glowing look.

Mix Primer & Foundation

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One amazing tip is to find a primer that gives you a beautiful glow and then mix it with the foundation you’ll be using before applying it to the face. Doing this instead of putting them on separately will give your complexion a dewy look. It’s perfect for warm summer days and on days when you’re going for a more sheer look.

Eyeshadow for Your Eyes

Your eyes have a beautiful natural color that can be accentuated by the right eyeshadow. Choose a color that will complement your eyes and give them a bolder look. If you have brown eyes, purple eyeshadow is perfect for making them pop. For blue eyes, try using champagne eyeshadow or darker colors. People with hazel or green eyes should try shades of red or bronze to enhance their look.

You can curate your look to match your personal style and give you the confidence to shine. Go easy on the powder, mix primer and foundation, and complement the color of your eyes.