Going Back To The Down Town Barber Shop

Back in the day, you all used to go to the downtown barber shop. Or have you forgotten those days? If you can remember, and you can try and recall the walk-ins you made from time to time through the barbershop berkeley door, you may start to miss some of the encounters you had. Because here was a place you could enjoy something more than your usual short back and sides number, and maybe a clean shave too, done the way the real pros do. Heck, these days, you don’t even need to leave campus to get yourself all trimmed up.

barbershop berkeley

That’s the thing about campus life. You may as well enjoy it while it lasts. Long, flowing locks and messy, unshaven faces, what the heck, let’s be as free-spirited as the system will never allow us to be. And that system, me hearties, is work life, that life you’ve all been studying so hard for. By the time you’ve packed away your degree or diploma, it’s time to start preparing yourself for your first job interviews. Ah, that’s the spirit guys. That’s confidence alright. It is as though you assume that they’re going to come knocking on your door, begging you to attend that job interview.

And so it happens. You are formally invited. It is your first job interview. As confident as you are, you know you must prepare yourself well. The resume’s been done and dusted, one more quick brush-over. A number of other things covered, and then finally, it’s down to that ‘icky’ matter of grooming. And one of the first things to go is that hair of yours, lots of it, as it turns out. And there’s the barber – snip-snip – he’s waiting for you.